Another CBD company? Really???

It seems like another one pops up everyday, so what makes this one any different?

Well, first of all, that was never the intention.

Actually, Canna-Chill was made by our founder for his personal dog almost four years ago and was developed ┬ábecause he couldn’t find a suitable solution on the market. The original intent was never to make it widely available but there was a definite need. As such, this treat was formulated to be the best research backed calming treat that he could create. CBD was only a part of the overall solution.

That same approach continued with Canna-Mobility, Canna-Shroom, and Canna-Omega 3.

There is a lot of intriguing research that has been done on CBD in both humans and dogs and that research is ongoing. There are also a lot of companies getting into the market trying to cash in on trends and make a quick buck. The sourcing of their CBD is usually ambiguous, the testing usually non-existent, and the term “full spectrum” used but with no tests to backup the claims. Lofty claims are made and the products are generally pitched as a magical cure-all.

That was the main motivation to create Evergreen Natural Pet – to focus on creating healthful solutions for dogs that aren’t based on lofty claims and promises of magical cures, but that are instead based on research with the supplements used backed by clinical trials showcasing their effective use.

The formulations don’t use ingredients simply to list them on the label. The supplements used are in quantities that actually matter. There are too many companies listing supplements that customers will recognize but not including enough of them to matter.

It’s misleading to the customer.

The research is out there and our promise to you is to never include a supplement in any of our products if it isn’t enough of that supplement to create a difference in your pet’s life.

Transparency is our policy.

We will be transparent in our ingredient usage and transparent in sharing the research that helped us make those ingredient decisions.