This is the formula that gave birth to Evergreen Natural Pet, LLC. Inspired by our current Rottweiler name Koa who was high strung from the beginning and who has mild separation anxiety and dog aggression issues. Canna-Chill treats are formulated with organic full spectrum hemp extract with 4mg of CBD per treat as well as a synergistic chill complex consisting of thiamine, L-theanine, Ltryptophan, and whole colostrum powder to help with anxiety support. These treats are baked low and slow at 225 degrees to preserve the integrity of our ingredients and supplements for your beloved dog.


Supporting Research


Also known as Vitamin B1, thiamine is a nutrient that is important for the proper functioning of the nervous system. It cannot be produced in the body and it is not stored in the body’s tissues so it must be provided by the diet.

Showed high levels of efficacy (75%+) reducing behavioral signs of drooling, following, panting, pacing, and hiding in treatment of dogs with noise phobia. ectiveness_of_L-theanine_and_behavioral_therapy _in_the_treatment_of_noise_phobias_in_dogs

Tryptophan-supplemented diets for territorial aggression in dogs were associated with significantly lower behavioral score than diets without tryptophan supplementation.

“Proline-rich polypeptides, which are best sourced through colostrum, are associated with enhancing mood and cognitive abilities.”

A human anxiety study showed that 79.2% of participants had decreased anxiety scores within the first month and those decreased scored continued for the duration of the study.