Inspired by Nikki and Scout, two of my family’s Great Pyrenees who both passed away prematurely from cancer. Canna-Shroom treats are formulated with full spectrum hemp extract with 4mg of CBD per great as well as organic mushroom powder consisting of equal amounts of turkey tail, reishi, shiitake, Phellinus, and poria mushrooms to help with immune system support. These treats are baked low and slow at 225 degrees to preserve the integrity of our ingredients and supplements for the well-being of your beloved dog.

$20.69 / month

Supporting Research

Turkey Tail
A double-blind study involving turkey tail supplementation for dogs with hemangiosarcoma, a very aggressive canine cancer, found that the dogs given the turkey tail had a much longer time until metastasis. And survival time increased with the size of the dose.
Survival time with no treatment: 86 days
Survival time with 100mg-kg/day turkey tail: 199 days

Large numbers of studies have shown that components of the reishi mushroom exhibited significant anti-tumor effect in several tumor-bearing animals mainly through its immunoenhancing activity.

A study involving mice showed strong anti-tumor effects.

Research and clinical trials indicate that this mushroom contains monosaccharide which is responsible for its anti-tumor properties.

A study involving mice found significant reduction in tumor size and increase in T cell numbers